Case Study

DeLamar Reclamation Award

In October 2009, Kinross was presented with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award for its reclamation work at the former DeLamar mine site in southwestern Idaho. This award acknowledges operators with an exceptional track record of meeting or exceeding reclamation requirements.

When operations were suspended in 1998, the DeLamar mine had over seven million cubic metres of water stored in the tailings pond, and almost 170 hectares of disturbed area that generated acid rock drainage. Through a combination of water treatment, pit backfilling, cover placement and other reclamation, today all of the water at DeLamar has been effectively treated and returned to the ecosystem, primarily through a land application process that enhances wildlife habitats and livestock grazing areas on private lands. A significant amount of work has gone into water management, specifically through the use of an engineered clay cover that is placed over reactive soils so that new rainwater won’t penetrate the soil and, instead, can be released as clean storm water back into the environment. The reclamation is expected to be completed in 2012, with water treatment and monitoring continuing for several years beyond that date.