Case Study

Managing Cyanide in Russia

In December 2009, Kinross’ Kupol mine was certified under the International Cyanide Management Code, the first mine in Russia to obtain this certification. Kupol’s transportation group was also certified as fully compliant with the Cyanide Code in November, making it the first mine-operated transportation group in the world to be certified. This certification covers the storage and transportation of cyanide from the Port of Pevek facilities to Kupol by way of a 430-kilometre ice road that is built annually to transport supplies to the Kupol site.

Kinross’ Kupol certification demonstrates not only its compliance with Russia’s extremely stringent regulatory requirements for the use and transportation of cyanide, but confirmation of its management systems and on-the-ground performance, which include regular training and drills for our cyanide response team. The Governor of Chukotka applauded Kinross’ leadership in protecting the pristine environment of this northeastern region: “There are a lot of examples when subsoil users, in their pursuit for revenues have caused irrecoverable harm to the environment, especially in regions with untouched nature, such as Chukotka. It is especially pleasant to note that Kinross Gold, apart from gaining profit, is focused on investing in industrial safety. Certification under the International Code is the best acknowledgment of such efforts.” Our hope is that certification of the Kupol operation will raise the profile of the Cyanide Code in Russia and encourage other companies in the Federation to become signatories.