Case Study

Working Together – Dialogue Tables in Chile

Since 2006, our Maricunga operation has been participating in a working group with the Colla of Rio Jorquera, and holding monthly meetings to discuss community issues. In 2008, with the signing of a new Protocol Agreement between Kinross Maricunga and the Colla, we further strengthened the framework for cooperation in key areas of Colla community development and formalized dialogue tables.

Through the dialogue tables, our Maricunga operation and the Colla are working collaboratively to help the Colla community address key needs, including:

  • Implementing community projects and assisting entrepreneurs;
  • Assisting in training, employment, educational scholarships and eco-tourism initiatives;
  • Providing medical visits to homes in the region; and
  • Providing financial assistance in securing specific water rights for Colla territory.

The dialogue tables are also helping Kinross and the Colla resolve issues of mutual concern. The public access road leading to the Maricunga site has been a source of concern with respect to traffic, dust and the potential for harm to nearby Colla communities, livestock and crops.

While road maintenance is carried out by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works, Kinross contributes financially to support ongoing road work. In 2009, a formal complaint about road damage was submitted by the Colla of Rio Jorquera community to the Chilean National Commission for the Environment. The government determined that further investigation was warranted and convened a dialogue table in May 2009, which brought together Colla leadership, senior Maricunga mine staff and government representatives. With the help of a mediator, we met monthly through 2009 to better understand and address the concerns of the Colla community.

Through the dialogue tables, all three parties, Kinross, the Colla of Rio Jorquera and the Chilean government, reached an agreement in March 2010. The agreement addresses major issues of concern, including road maintenance, improvements in road safety, and addressing and reducing the environmental effects on the Colla who live near the road.

Kinross is committed to reaching solutions and strengthening our relationship with our Maricunga neighbours, and to applying what we have learned at our operations worldwide.