Case Study

Round Mountain – Socio-Economic Contributions

Located in central Nevada, 402 kilometres from the nearest metropolitan area, the Round Mountain mine plays a unique socio-economic role for its employees, contractors, nearby communities, indigenous neighbours and other stakeholders in the area.

Kinross undertook a robust stakeholder engagement process when we sought to extend mining operations at Round Mountain beyond the existing closure date of 2011. To help understand the potential social and economic impacts of the mine life extension, we:

  • Established a Stakeholder Engagement Committee, with a commitment to meet regularly with area stakeholders;
  • Convened a Native American dialogue group, consulted with Tribal Councils, and included Native American monitors in cultural surveys; and
  • Received public comments on the expansion’s draft Environmental Impact Study.

One outcome of these initiatives was the rerouting of the transportation and utility corridor to address Native American cultural concerns. Another was the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding and a Memorandum of Agreement with the Western Shoshone group, which memorialized actions to ensure continued respect for cultural resources alongside the expansion of mining activities at Round Mountain. Open communication and dialogue with stakeholders is ongoing as we continue to build and grow cooperative relationships.