Case Study

Inoculations and Travel

To reflect our expanded global presence, Kinross updated its guidance to employees on international health and safety in 2009.

The Health, Security and Safety Guidelines for International Travel were developed to help employees, contractors and their families safely manage travel and out-of-country assignments. The Guidelines provide health and security-related information and advice on topics ranging from trip preparation to avoidance of “traveller’s diarrhea” to in-country customs, culture and security. Kinross contracts with organizations such as International SOS and local medical centres to provide employees with 24-hour emergency assistance.

The Vaccination, Antimicrobial and Screening Standard was developed to provide protection for Kinross employees and contractors against preventable diseases when they are travelling or working in regions where the risk of disease may be greater than in their home country. Its advice is consistent with that of major health advisory organizations and ranges from vaccination recommendations for the regions of intended travel, to pre- and post-screening for tuberculosis and country-specific test requirements for HIV.