Case Study

Fort Knox Focus on Safety

Our Fort Knox team is demonstrating how commitment and teamwork can dramatically improve safety performance through its “See It, Own It, Solve It” (SOS) program, developed in 2007.

Driven at the employee level with support from management, Fort Knox’s mine and mill workers are encouraged to watch for and record both safe and unsafe practices on SOS observation cards. SOS team representatives meet monthly to review the observations and develop strategies to reinforce safe behaviours and correct unsafe ones. Communicating safety messages and strategies – through meetings, bulletin board postings, newsletters and peer-to-peer conversation – is a vital program component.

Each employee who participates by completing and submitting an SOS participation card when an unsafe behaviour is observed is eligible to win a $100 monthly cash prize. Twice a year, employees from departments that have a reportable incident rate below 2.0 are eligible for larger prizes.

With SOS participation increasing to more than 80% by December 2009, the Fort Knox team recorded a reportable incident rate of 2.31 in December 2009, and by early 2010, had surpassed three million hours without a lost-time incident at both the mine and the mill.

Fort Knox’s Mine Operations Crew 4 achieved a participation rate of 100% over eight months and an incident rate of zero.