Our Corporate Responsibility Vision

Kinross understands that we have both an ethical and a business imperative to be a good neighbour, not only in the communities where we operate, but also in responding to global challenges – such as protecting the environment – that cross all borders and affect people everywhere.

Our objective to be a good neighbour is a fundamental aspect of Kinross’ core purpose, which is to lead the world in generating value through responsible mining. We believe strongly that profitability and corporate responsibility are not mutually exclusive, but rather are mutually reinforcing. Only by thriving as a profitable and successful business can we generate the returns that support sustainable benefits for our employees, suppliers and communities, as well as for our shareholders.

To leverage the returns generated by our operations requires engaged cooperation between Kinross, the host government(s) and the public stakeholders in the communities where we operate. Our objective is to develop a solid long-term relationship with community stakeholders based on trust, respect, and partnership, and to ensure we leave a positive “benefit footprint” wherever we operate. That relationship – often referred to as “the social license to operate” – is critical to our core business of exploration, permitting, building, operating, and the eventual closing and reclaiming of mining operations.

Corporate responsibility is a core element of the Kinross Way, the statement of beliefs that guide our global operations. The Kinross Way is founded on four key values: putting people first; outstanding corporate citizenship; high performance culture; and rigorous financial discipline. By enshrining outstanding corporate citizenship as one of these values, we have highlighted it as a key priority for our employees and business partners worldwide.

In 2008 and 2009, Kinross undertook several major initiatives to reinforce its commitment to leadership in corporate responsibility:

  • The reconstitution of the Environment, Health and Safety Committee of the Board of Directors as the Corporate Responsibility Committee, with an expanded mandate;
  • The development and launch of a new Company-wide CR strategy;
  • A corporate reorganization that significantly enhances the Company’s focus on CR, and the appointment of a dedicated Vice-President, Corporate Responsibility.