Our Commitment

Kinross operates in a wide variety of global settings, from the remote arctic region of Russia, to the Atacama desert in Chile, to the outskirts of the busy municipality of Paracatu in Brazil. While the communities where we work differ dramatically, our commitment to being a good neighbour remains the same everywhere. Our Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility clearly articulate our commitment to stakeholder engagement, to maximizing business and employment opportunities for local communities, and to supporting sustainable initiatives to develop the social, economic and cultural fabric of our host communities.

We believe in transparent engagement with the communities where we operate, beginning during exploration and continuing through the entire life of the mine until our reclamation activities have been completed. We also believe in building partnerships that foster sustainable economic capacity and strengthen our host communities.

In 2009, to further entrench this commitment, we enhanced the requirements of our annual site responsibility plans. Beginning in 2010, we are asking our operations to quantify their “benefit footprint” both in the near term – through job creation, local supplier contracts and support for community initiatives – and the long term – through programs that help build local business, support education and foster economic sustainability.

“Our commitment to the communities in which we operate is about creating value in a safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient manner. But more than that, it’s about engaging the communities and the host governments to consolidate the value generated to create opportunities that last beyond a mine’s life. This goes beyond simple philanthropic support; it necessarily includes contributing our expertise and labour, providing education and training opportunities, and being active participants in long-term community development. Simply put, being a good neighbour and creating lasting value are vital measures of our success as a business.”

Ed Opitz
Vice-President, Corporate Responsibility