Performance and Goals

An overview of our 2009 and 2008 health and safety performance includes the following:


  • Achieved a lost-time injury (LTI) frequency rate of 0.18 in 2009 compared to 0.69 in 2008, a 74% reduction year-over-year;
  • Achieved a restricted work activity rate of 0.17 in 2009 compared to 0.42 in 2008, a 60% reduction year-over-year;
  • Achieved a medical treatment case frequency rate of 0.71 in 2009 compared to 0.65 in 2008, a 9% increase year-over-year;
  • Fort Knox continued its excellent safety record, achieving 1,243 days and 2,813,270 employee hours with no LTIs by the end of 2009 and surpassing three million employee hours without an LTI as of February 2010;
  • Round Mountain received the 2009 Kinross Safety Award, achieving the greatest year-over-year improvement in lost-time injuries. In 2009, Round Mountain completed one year with no lost-time injuries among employees or contractors, a significant accomplishment;
  • Experienced two mine-related employee fatalities at our Kupol operation in 2009. We put in place and completed extensive supervisory training to improve safety performance. The training is ongoing in 2010;
  • Experienced one employee fatality at the Kupol site in 2008 and one employee fatality at Crixás (not operated by Kinross);
  • Maricunga received the 2009 Honourable Distinction Award in the Leading Company category from Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mining;
  • At La Coipa, José Bugueño, who heads the Department of Risk Prevention, received the 2009 Distinguished Safety Professional Award from Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mining;
  • Presented the Kinross Safety Award to our DeLamar reclamation site in 2008 for achieving the best year-over-year injury frequency improvement; and
  • Provided training in root cause analysis during our 2009 CR Conference.

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  • Expanded and strengthened existing corporate-wide standards and guidance for sites on health management techniques in 2009;
  • Developed a Vaccination, Antimicrobial and Screening Standard to provide protection to Kinross employees and contractors against preventable diseases when travelling. See Inoculations and Travel;
  • Provided a coordinated response to the 2009 outbreak of the H1N1 virus, including flu vaccination clinics, information sessions on prevention and regular updates to employees, outlining travel advisories and protocols;
  • Received an award at Paracatu for its Occupational Health Monitoring Program from Proteção magazine and the Brazilian Yearbook for Health Protection in 2008; and
  • Conducted a Company-wide industrial hygiene workshop for safety and health managers in 2008.

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2010 Goals

  • Achieve improvements in lost-time injury and total medical injury frequency rates across Kinross, with targets to be set by sites and regions;
  • Launch training program in safety causal analysis at Kinross sites;
  • Conduct integrated EH&S audits for Kinross operations and growth projects in Chile, and at the DeLamar reclamation site in the U.S. and at Crixás in Brazil; and
  • Continue implementation of Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL) at Paracatu and Maricunga.

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