Our Commitment

In keeping with our number one value of putting people first, the safety of our employees and contractors is our top priority.

Guided by our Health and Safety Policy, with oversight by the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors, we apply world-class health and safety standards at each of our operations. We are committed to continuous improvement and we demand it of all employees, because a safe workplace is fundamental to their success and ours.

Our EHS Management System is an essential element of the CR Management System. It is modelled on OHSAS 18001 and provides a foundation of policies and guidance to support leading safety and health practices, minimize workplace hazards and drive continuous improvement in safety performance and occupational health wherever we work. Through it, we set targets and performance standards that our operations worldwide are expected to meet.

Safety is championed by management-worker health and safety committees that are in place at most of our operations to monitor and advise on health and safety programs. At Round Mountain and Kupol, where formal committees are not yet in place, employees are encouraged to participate in health and safety initiatives, risk assessment and change management processes.